Rotapod 300


The composition is similar to a hexapod. But rather than changing the length of the supporting legs, the rotapod varies the position of the foot points. This changes the position in the movement plane. The composition can be adapted to your specifications. The nodes may be mounted directly to a device or integrated into a composition. Here the movement possibilities are defined by the diameter of the base, the diameter of the head nodes and the length of the supporting legs.

Depending on the application, the retaining rings may be mounted using roller bearings or ball bearings. Ball bearings are suitable for heavy loads and a high level of accuracy. Roller bearings are less costly but also do not stand up to as much strain. Pneumatic or friction mounts may be used in special cases.


The rotapod may be driven by various motor types. Here the type of motor that is used depends on the task at hand. A highly dynamic system with fast movements or powerful, precise positioning - anything is possible. The cables to the control unit are short so the susceptibility for failure is reduced to a minimum. Thanks to the scalability of the rotapod principle, drive systems from a few watts to several kilowatts are possible.

For applications in a high vacuum and clean room environment.