Optical Modules – Development – Production

STL – Apo Sonnar 4/1700

CEMEC develops optical modules for technical, scientific and consumer products.

Motorised lens modules, focus drives or aperture modules highlight our mechatronics know-how.
From the complete mechanics/mechatronics of the world's largest consumer telephoto lens (256 kg) to a mobile camera application (15 g). CEMEC develops and manufactures the level of precision your module requires.
Our service offering is rounded out by thermal modelling and design calculations for lenses or modelling and design calculations of the complete module.

Optical modelling and design calculation services are obtained from renowned service providers. Take advantage of our competency network.
CEMEC implements theory in the form of viable technology under consideration of the optical specifications and tolerances. For both new developments and for redesigns.
Precision optics are only achievable if the optical, physical, and fabrication technology aspects are taken into consideration in the development and fabrication concept.